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This form should be read carefully and completed before you take part in Paintball at Lasertag Tension IndoorGAMES Paintball.


Before the game, you will have a safety introduction by our qualified staff that you have to follow strictly. If you disregard at least one point you take the risk of being dismissed from further games without refunds.


  • The Events are physically and mentally intense and may require extreme exertion to play.
  • The Events can be dangerous if not played in accordance with the stated rules which will be fully explained to the players.
  • The possibility of injury to myself and others exists.


  • I am fully aware of the risks to myself and others involved in IndoorGAMES Paintball and that I will never, under any circumstances, deliberately break any rules.
  • I am physically fit and mentally able to take the strain and exertion involved in the games.
  • I will comply with the IndoorGAMES rules and use the equipment as instructed and not so as to injure or hurt others and will obey all the directions of the IndoorGAMES Staff, Marshals and Judges.
  • I will wear my goggles and not remove them while in the Paintball field area.
  • I will fix the sock over the barrel before I leave the Paintball field area, as a safety measure for all visitors and staff outside the field in the payers area.
  • I will never shoot Paintballs outside the Paintball field area.
  • I will only use paint supplied by IndoorGAMES Paintball and I will never pick up fallen Paintballs again. I therefore will fill my marker in the designated area over the grew boxes. If my Paintballs fall I will immediately inform the staff.


I agree to return any rental equipment at the end of the day to IndoorGAMES. I confirm that I will not leave the building with rental equipment. I have read and fully understand all the terms of this document and confirm that I am not relying on any statements or representations by any person or entity as an inducement to my fully and voluntarily engaging in IndoorGAMES Paintball assuming the risks and obligations stated above signing this document.


I hereby release, remise and forever discharge from any claims and liabilities whatsoever without limitation that I might have against Lasertag Tension IndoorGAMES, the Owners of the property on which the events are being played and any other player who might injure me howsoever arising, and I make this release on behalf of myself, my heirs, executors and administrators.